HIMSS mobilizes its members to successfully accomplish multiple levels of advocacy activities that are fueled by its member’s passion and experience. These activities include educating HIMSS members and Members of Congress and their staff on key issues to actually proposing and writing draft legislation.

The Houston Chapter, HIMSS Chapter Advocacy Liaisons perform these actions, on behalf of its members, both at the State and National Level, throughout the year.

What are "Chapter Advocacy Liaisons" ?

Chapter Liaisons

  • Organize visits and communicate with federal and state officials about healthcare IT initiatives, bills and pending legislation.
  • Speak to local media about key policy and advocacy issues.
  • Attend HIMSS-sponsored advocacy training and message development sessions.
  • Work with the Chapter Advocacy Liaison task force and/committee members to create an advocacy action plan specific to our community.
  • Keep Chapter Board informed about campaign efforts.
  • Recruit Chapter volunteers and other community leaders to join the campaign.


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