Presenters March 2024 Event

In a compelling presentation by leading BPO sector executives, Jack McBride, Luis Nicot, and Edwin Cuc, the critical and often misunderstood role of Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) in today's business landscape is unveiled. Addressing common myths head-on, they reveal how BPOs do not compromise on data security, quality, or innovation but rather excel in these areas through stringent adherence to international standards like ISO, GDPR, and HIPAA.

Highlighting the tangible benefits of IT-driven BPO solutions, such as scalability, access to specialized expertise, and enhanced focus on core business functions, the speakers advocate for the strategic value BPOs bring to businesses. They emphasize successful partnership models based on communication, collaboration, and continuous improvement, and challenge the stereotype of BPO jobs being monotonous by showcasing innovative AI applications in operations. This presentation is a clarion call to rethink the role of BPO in global business strategy, presenting it as a beacon of innovation, quality, security, and positive societal impact. 

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The Ion - The Collingwood Conference Room - 4201 Main St, Houston, Texas, US, 77002

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